And Kogan’s reliefs … are they not, despite their affinity with Indian temple reliefs, replete with an absolutely contemporary, sensitive rhythm?

Dr W. F. Storck, Director of the Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim, ‘Linie und Form’, Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, XXXV, Oct 1914-March 1915, p. 26 (translation by Helen Shiner from German)

Vision, bronze plaquette, before 1910, illustrated in Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, 1910, XXV, vol. 4, p. 329; (CC) ShareAlike 3.0 Germany
Two women (Zwei Frauen), artificial stone (Kunststein), 113 x 62 cm, c. 1913 (formerly Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum Hagen – confiscated and destroyed 1937)
Relief, concrete, dimensions unknown, 1921 or before; photo © Victoria and Albert Museum London
Cover of exhibition catalogue, Kogan, Clemens-Sels-Museum Neuss, 1960 with photo of Nude with arms crossed (Akt mit verschränkten Armen), terracotta, 46 x 17.5 cm, 1929