Paean to a Beloved Daughter

A woodcut by Moissey Kogan depicting two entwined stylised crouching nudes in black and white

Paean to a Beloved Daughter   Some time before 1925, Moissey Kogan was approached by the art historian and publisher, Paul Westheim, and asked to make a contribution to an anthology he was preparing for publication. A long time in the making, the resultant book was entitled Künstlerbekenntnisse, or Artists' Testimonies. It included a selection of … Continue reading Paean to a Beloved Daughter

For Chanukah

Happy Chanukah!For Chanukah, our director, Helen Shiner, has included this woodcut print by Moissey Kogan in her Advent Calendar of Modernist Prints. She describes it as 'A selection of prints produced by various makers using a variety of printmaking techniques, mostly secular in theme, but not always, to mark the festive period.' To include Kogan … Continue reading For Chanukah