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It is now time to put the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture & Prints on a sustainable financial footing. We warmly welcome donations or sponsorship to support the Project now and into the future.

Our editor, Dr des Helen Shiner, has donated over 20 years of her research on Moissey Kogan, her time and expertise to the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné Project. The Project now needs to be taken to the next stage of development.

Our intention in the short term is to set up a charitable artist’s foundation to protect the legacy of Moissey Kogan. It will oversee the production and publishing of the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture & Prints both online and ultimately in print form. Set up in this way, it will permit the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture & Prints and the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné Project Archive to work together with its international museum partners to seek project-based and longer-term sponsorship and financing, in order to fund on-going research and to share our work with the public in the form of exhibitions, publications and international collaborative projects.

In order to take this next important step, we are seeking donations and sponsorship pledges (for further details about sponsoring the Project, please scroll down) to cover the necessary seed funding to allow us to set up the Moissey Kogan Foundation on a sound legal and financial basis, following charitable best practices, and to appoint suitably qualified trustees to assist us to take our work forwards on a sustainable and transparent footing.


Donate to the Project


Please see below for some examples of how your donation to the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture & Prints will be put to work. We welcome donations large and small towards our work. All donations will be gratefully acknowledged. Donors who gift the sum of £500 or more will have the option of being named in our List of Donors on this website.



  • A donation of £ 391.55 would cover the annual costs of keeping the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné website safely online (these costs include hosting fees, annual fees for the associated domain names, and anti-spam, back-up and security fees).

  • A donation of $ 1,800.00 (£ 1346.65 at the current GBP-USD exchange rate (as at December 2020)), would cover the annual cost of the licence fee for the powerful catalogue raisonné cloud-based platform that will permit us to systematically curate our research for posterity, following best practices, and publish it online. This state-of-the-art platform, developed specifically for the purpose, and recommended by the leading members of the Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association, will allow us to document all known data associated with works in all media by Moissey Kogan. It will allow us to make this information available online to an interested public and anyone who needs authoritative, reliable, up-to-date, information (such as collectors, museums, exhibition curators, auction houses and art dealers). This software will allow us to curate exhibitions together with our international museum partners, create teaching tools and develop interactive displays for educational purposes. Above all, it will serve to preserve and protect Moissey Kogan’s legacy into the future.

  • A donation of £ 1,300.00 would cover the computing and computing accessory costs necessary to run the Project securely and professionally (including desk-top computer with large screen, laptop for research purposes, external hard drive, and so on).




Donate by bank transfer


If you would prefer to support the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné Project of Sculpture & Prints by donating by bank transfer (our bank account accepts payments in GBP, USD and EUR), please contact the Project for further details.




If you would like to consider sponsoring the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture & Prints by offering a pledge of funds as a contribution to the seed funding necessary to set up the charitable Moissey Kogan Foundation, please contact the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture & Prints Project in confidence for further information. All sponsorship will be gratefully acknowledged. All sponsors will be named in our List of Sponsors on this website and elsewhere, as mutually agreed.