12 February 2023

Gedenkstunde zum 80. Todestag von Moissey Kogan


On 12 February 2023, sculptor Torsten Kleiner, will host a memorial evening to mark the 80th anniversary of Moissey Kogan‘s death at Auschwitz.

Moissey Kogan at De Wieger, the home of Hendrik and Petronella (Nel) Wiegersma in Deurne, Netherlands, c. 1934 (c) Tjerk Wiegersma


Kleiner, a sculptor based in Badenweiler in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district of Baden-Württemberg, has been fascinated by the life and work of Kogan for some years, and now considers him his master. His presentation in memory of the Jewish sculptor will detail his encounter with Kogan‘s oeuvre, and the journeys he has made in his footsteps, from Berlin, Weimar and Ascona to Auschwitz.

Torsten Kleiner sitting outside the same window at what is now the Museum de Wieger, Deurne, Netherlands, 2022 (c) Torsten Kleiner

The work of both sculptors revolves around the iconography of the female nude. For this memorial evening, Kleiner has invited a number of participants to respond to this theme in Kogan‘s work:

Volker Kubach, theologist from Wahlwies, will speak on the subject of the anima in Carl Jung‘s psychiatry.

Dancer, Claudia Kraus from Sulzburg, will perform an interpretation of Rainer Maria Rilke‘s poem, The Birth of Venus.

Music for the evening will be provided by Daniel and Barbara Graf, cello and piano, performing Arvo Pärt‘s Spiegel im Spiegel.

Works by Kogan and Kleiner will be on view during the event.


Gedenkstunde zum 80. Todestag von Moissey Kogan: eine wundersame BegegnungKulturzentrum Dreiklang, Doretmatt, Sulzburg, 12 February 2023, 17.00 (GMT + 1). Tickets by donation.

For more information about the event and to book, please visit Kulturzentrum Dreiklang‘s website.


Featured image: Moissey Kogan at De Wieger, the home of Hendrik and Petronella (Nel) Wiegersma, Deurne, the Netherlands, c. 1934