Season’s Greetings to our followers

Kogan_Sitzende weibliche Akte

  Ihre Neujahrswünsche aufs herzlichste erwidert. Das Atelier hatte schon Frucht gebracht, noch vor Ende des alten Jahres sind 3 neue Arbeiten entstanden. Das neue Jahr wird ein Fruchtbares sein. Ich kann mich jetzt bewegen und Melodien anklingen. [...] Ich danke Ihnen vom Herzen für all das Güte, daß Sie für mich thun. Ihr in … Continue reading Season’s Greetings to our followers

Kogan’s work included in exhibition at Kunstforum Ingelheim

You may be interested to read my review of the exhibition catalogue accompanying the current exhibition at Kunstforum Ingelheim, Vergessene Moderne, in which Moissey Kogan's work is well-represented. You can find the review here, on my personal blog:

Mapping Kogan’s Munich

Mapping Kogan's Munich   You should count yourself lucky! My father arrived in Munich with just the clothes on his back.   I had arrived in Munich in late March last year to find that there was no way for me to make myself a hot drink in my hastily-booked, budget hotel room, despite its … Continue reading Mapping Kogan’s Munich

Moissey Kogan – 140 years old today!

Moissey Kogan - 140 years old today!   To mark Moissey Kogan's 140th birthday today, I have been sharing work by him on Twitter. I have a lot of followers who are interested in his life and career. I wanted to showcase his work in the very many media that he employed and the range … Continue reading Moissey Kogan – 140 years old today!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2019! We'd like to wish all our followers and readers a very Happy New Year. This is the start of an exciting new year for the Moissey Kogan Catalogue Raisonné Project and we hope to be able to make a series of major announcements in the near future. One of the core … Continue reading Happy New Year!

On the edge of the abyss

To mark the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht or Reichspogromnacht, I'm publishing here my translation of a passage from Sonja Gaze's autobiography, Die barfüßige Tänzerin [The bare-foot dancer]. Sonja Gaze was the married name of the Expressionist dancer and fashion model, Senta (Sonja) Kogan, Moissey Kogan's niece, to whom he was very close. Moissey Kogan had … Continue reading On the edge of the abyss

Work by Moissey Kogan to be featured in Berlin exhibition

Moissey Kogan_Bather

Frauentorso (Torso of a Woman), bronze, h. 34.7 cm, 1927, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg From 29 June 2018, the Kunsthaus Dahlem in Berlin will host an exhibition, Was war Europa (What was Europe), which will seek to partially recreate a major post-war exhibition, Werke europäischer Plastik, held in 1950 at the Haus der … Continue reading Work by Moissey Kogan to be featured in Berlin exhibition

The Afterlife of Sculptures

Stamp of the Fonderie Valsuani from a life-time bronze by Moissey Kogan, 1927 I am delighted to be speaking on 'Posthumous casts and the consequences of distortion for sculptor, Moissey Kogan's legacy' on 2 May at the conference, The Afterlife of Sculptures: Posthumous Casts in Scholarship, the Market and the Law, at the Dedalus Foundation, … Continue reading The Afterlife of Sculptures

‘Eine wundersame Begegnung’ – a memorial concert for Moissey Kogan

Moyssey Kogan, Primavera, bronze, 17 x 26 cm, 1907; illustrated in Otto Fischer, Das neue Bild, Munich: Delphin-Verlag, 1912, pl. XXVII; exhibited at the 2nd exhibition of the Neue Künstlervereinigung München, 1910; sole known copy held by Museum Folkwang Essen.  Eine wundersame Begegnung - Gedenkstunde für Moissey Kogan Seht da ein homo novus, ein Begnadeter, … Continue reading ‘Eine wundersame Begegnung’ – a memorial concert for Moissey Kogan

News today from Auschwitz

Today I received an e-mail from the Bureau for Former Prisoners at the Archive State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau. In response to my request for information about whether it was possible to determine precisely when Moissey Kogan was killed at Auschwitz, they kindly wrote to inform me that, as I suspected, "during the evacuation and liquidation of … Continue reading News today from Auschwitz